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House Reds & Whites
Glass Only
Chianti, Placido DOCG 13% (PLAH-chee-dough) (Tuscany)
***3.4: Fruit forward Dry Chianti with a low body & light tannins. Cherry & blackberry notes, but does not get in the way of food flavors. Pairs very well with any Red Sauce, or Chicken parmigiana
Merlot, Foxbrook 12.5% (California)
***3.3 - A bouquet of berries on the nose and palate, with a medium body & acidity, lightly oaked with hints of vanilla, chocolate & spice. Dry, Subtle & smooth. Pairs well with Beef Ravioli or a Chocolate Dessert.
Pinot Grigio, Spasso 12% (Veneto)
***3.5 A dry Pinot Grigio from the Veneto region, Mineral & crisp with a floral & citrusy aroma. Bright taste with lemon & lime.
Chardonnay, Foxbrook 12.5% (California)
A fruit forward dry Chardonnay with aromas of pear and apple, with the sweetness of honey. It is light bodied with a smooth finish.
White Zinfandel, Canyon Oaks 9.5% (California)
***3.1 Fruity & sweet, this White Zin won’t disappoint! Notes of strawberries, watermelon, & white flowers.
Our Reds
by the Glass or Bottle
Amarone, Della Valpolicella, Palazzo Maffei, DOCG 15% (Veneto)
****4.0 This unique & complex, strong, yet elegant wine, is a favorite among staff & guests with its smooth blend of Corvina, Corvinone, & Rondinella varietals. It is an inimitable wine from the Veneto Region of Italy, & ranks high among Italy’s quintessential red wines. This full bodied Amarone (Ah-mah-ROHN-eh) brings a dense palate of ripe, dark fruits, such as red cherries, & a rich, chocolatey flavor. This bold, powerful wine is created from fully ripe harvested grapes left to dry for three to four months before going to press, resulting in an intensely rich, lush, cerebral & cellar-worthy wine, boasting twice as many grapes per bottle, & higher alcohol content. Aromas of violets, pipe tobacco, coffee bean emerge, with finished with sandalwood & plums. On the Palate you may find dried cherries, currant, blueberries, prunes, bitter dark chocolate, mineral touch of stone & distinctive vanilla. More acidic than sweet, yet nicely balanced... velvety, raisiny character. Enduring & persistent flavor
Nebbiolo Bricco Magno, Villadoria Delle Langhe DOC 14.5% (Piedmont)
****3.7 A delightfully dry, Earthy red, full of tannins. Ruby Red in color with garnet highlights, & aromas of violet, rose, vanilla & cocoa. This full bodied red gives the mouth a velvety, warm, & long lasting feel. Slight woody notes are due to aging. Pronounced, but well rounded. Try some with Meat Sauce, Porcini Sacchetti, or pasta Alla Matriciana.
Sangiovese Poliziano, Rosso di Montepulciano 14.5% (Tuscany)
***3.6 This Tuscan Red blend (20% Merlot, 80% Sangiovese) from the Montepulciano region will add some spice to your life! Fruity with a Spicy, well-balanced acidity, this full-to-medium bodied red has vibrant notes of red cherry, blackberry, rose petals, & a hint of woody earth. Goes great with our Deli Sampler of cured Italian meats, pasta, or our Baby Greens and Goat Cheese salad. with a smooth finish. Try some with a bowl of our Pasta Fagioli, our Fig & Gorgonzola Salad, or just on its own.
Barolo, Lecinquevigne DaMilano 14% (Piedmont)
****4.0 A special earthy & dry red, made from the Nebbiolo varietal. Medium bodied, soft on the palate with a persistent finish, with plenty of tannins & acidity. This Ruby Red wine features its signature “tar and roses” aromas. Expect to find complexity with flavors such as sour cherry, cranberry, & dried sage, with a dusting of cocoa and spice on the finish. Pairs well with our Mushroom Ravioli or Tomato Mushroom.
Cannonau Costera, Argiolas 14% (Sardinia)
****3.7 Giuseppe’s father, Giovanni, used to grow and harvest Cannonau grapes to make his own family vino! This medium bodied, rich wine is as stand-apart as where it comes from-the island of Sardegna. Fresh & fruity bouquet of dark fruits; plums, blackberries, & cherries; hints of oak, cedar, & wild herbs, while finished with notes of spices & white pepper. Velvety smooth with a deep earthy finish, & a perfect pair with our Meat sauce or balsamic in our Caprese Salad!
Cannonau di Sardegna, Le Bombarde Santa Maria La Palma 13.5% (Sardinia)
***3.3 Straight from Giuseppe’s home island of Sardegna, this is your tasteful companion to any of our pasta dishes. With nicely balanced acid & tannins, this mellow, medium- bodied wine brings notes of red & blue berries, smoked plums, spices, & peppers. Strong, yet easy to drink, with a rich, woody, herbal character. Sardegna has a higher than average number of 100 year olds... some attribute this to the red wine! Try a glass with spaghetti and meatballs, or some strong cheese.
Nero D’Avola, Luma, Cantina Cellaro 13.5% (Sicily)
****3.9 Delightfully fruit-forward red with floral notes, this Nero D’Avola is sweet flavored, while still being dry. This medium bodied Sicilian wine delivers ripe strawberries, raspberries, plum, and cherry, followed by earth, pepper spice, & smoky mocha, leaving light/creamy mouthfeel. Medium tannins, smooth & easy to drink, with enough body without being too heavy. Pairs perfectly with our Marinara sauce, Veal, or a chocolate dessert.
Montepulciano Modá, Talamonti DOC 13% (Abruzzo)
****3.8 Our most popular Red, this smooth, dry blend holds rank in the top 5% of best wines in the world. This medium-bodied Montepulciano gives a bit of spice & a hint of oak while finishing with a dark red berry and chocolate taste with vanilla on the finish. With its higher acidity and balanced tannins, it will be your perfect companion to Spaghetti & Meatballs, or our Beef & Ricotta Cannelloni.
Chianti Classico, Castello di Querceto DOCG 12% (Tuscany)
****3.9 Our favorite Chianti from the Classico region, the heart of the Chianti region, which has been protected since the 1700’s. This full bodied Chianti is pure with well integrated tannins, blueberry & chocolate notes and a mineral character. Layered with flavors of leather, tobacco, spice, and blackberry, with a long finish.
Our Whites & Rose`
by the Glass or Bottle
Vermentino di Sardegna, Costamolino, Argiolas 13.5% (Sardinia)
****3.8 A fruity, semi-dry, smooth white with layers of citrus, apricot & pink grapefruit on the palate, moderate acidity & a touch of sweetness. A pleasant & refreshing after taste, similar to an unoaked Chardonnay.
Pinot Grigio, Ca’ Montini, Terre di Valfredda 12.5% (Trentino)
****3.9 Our favorite, multiple award winning, Italian Pinot with low acidity & a crisp, dry finish with fruit tannins & no oak. Notes of lemongrass & honeysuckle on the nose, & pear, pineapple, grapefruit, & green apple on the palate. A light body with a long duration & dry finish that will leave you wanting more.
Vermentino di Sardegna, Aragosta, Santa Maria La Palma 12.5% (Sardinia)
****3.8 Ranked as one of the world’s best 100 wines, this Vermentino is Fresh, light bodied, vibrant in style with snappy acidity. A streak of salinity structures this aromatic white which offers a mix of peach skin, Meyer Lemon peel & grapefruit sorbet. This is our driest white, from Giuseppe’s home Island. Aragosta (meaning Lobster) pairs perfectly with seafood. Shrimp Scampi is its perfect match.
Orvieto Classico, Santa Christina Campogrande DOC 12% (Umbria)
****3.9 A favorite here among staff & guests, a citrusy, crisp dry Italian white has notes of apricot, peach, melon, white plum with lively acidity & a slightly sweet finish. This wine is most similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. Try some with Minestrone Soup, an Antipasto, or Deli Sampler.
Prosecco Zardetto 11% (Treviso)
A toasty, crisp & dry bubbly, served in a split (187 ml). Clean & crisp with citrus notes. Slightly acidic and refreshing with a sweet finish. A favorite among guests, try it in a cocktail such as our Prosecco Limoncello.
Rosato Serralori, Argiolas 13% (Sardinia)
****3.6 The deep pink color of this uniquely well rounded Rosé may strike you. This medium bodied, complex Rosé from Sardegna is crisp & dry with high acidity. Cranberry, melon, ripe peaches and strawberries come through on the nose, while on the palate you will find layers of watermelon, cherry, lemon, green apple, peach & a hint of pineapple,with some enjoyable salinity. A vibrant juicy mouthfeel & a decent finish. Pairs with Northeast Shrimp & Scallops or a Bresaola appetizer.
Our Reds & Whites
by the Glass or Bottle
Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Crest Two Vines 13.5% (Washington State)
***3.4 A crowd pleasing, full flavor, smooth bright red, not to heavy or oaky, with silky, yet robust notes of vanilla, caramel, plum, red currants, & subtle strawberry and earth, smoky dark licorice & tart fruit finish. Subtle tannins & low acidity make this a very drinkable wine with spaghetti & meatballs!
Pinot Noir, Irony 14.5% (California)
****3.7 Not much is Ironic about this medium bodied California Pinot Noir. Juicy dark cherry, raspberry, & strawberry flavors combine with pepper, oak, & mild spice. Try it with our Antipasto della Casa, or our Deli Sampler.
Malbec Michel Torino Colección 13% (Argentina)
***3.3 A smooth, easy to drink red with its velvety texture & soft, pleasant tannins. Dry with low acidity & an evenly balanced, medium body. Aromas of wood, smoke, cherries, & blackberries. Fig, raisins, red berries, & plums appear on the palate with a long finish of leafy herbs. Try it with some meatballs or our Fig & Gorgonzola Salad.
Chardonnay, Columbia Crest Two Vines 13.5% (Washington State)
***3.4 This fine dry, oaky Chardonnay is crisp & clean with notes of baked pears, crisp apples, citrus & honeycomb, with juicy acidity. Bright with soft oak & butter on the palate. A favorite among our guests! Try some with our Chicken Parm.
Riesling, Saint M., Chateau Ste. Michelle 11% (Germany)
****3.8 A fruit forward Riesling with hints of green apple, apricot, peach, minerals & sea salt, with a tangy citrus/lime finish. Its beautiful acidity perfectly balances the hint of sweetness. Sweet goes with heat, so try some with our Arrabbiata Sauce or Shrimp Fra Diavolo. Or have some with (or just as) dessert!
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