Benvenuti da Giuseppe's

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Friday & Saturday 9am-9pm
Closed Sunday
Full Service in the Dining Room Starts at 11 am
Dinner starts at 4 pm

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Thank you for choosing us! We love having you.

Since 1995 we've been serving up homestyle Italian Pasta dishes in generous portions, with a family friendly atmosphere.
Now featuring a full bar, Deli, party trays, and grab and go case.
Our highly customizable, mix and matchable menu makes it possible for everyone to find something suited to their taste. Eat in or grab food from our case, our customers say the whole family is always pleased! Our party trays are available for 6, 12 or 24 people. We can accomodate food for parties as big as 300 people.
You can order a sandwich with fresh sliced prosciutto, or grab a block of imported cheese from our Deli. Bring the whole family and come and have a seat in our dining room! Our bar is a little piece of history, as we like to say. We recycled it from the former HillTop Steak House on Rt 1!
Take out is quick and easy. You can grab and go from our case or call in an order.  Thanks to our loyal customers, and our hard working staff, we have been in business for 21 years.
 Celebrating 21 Years this October

Bresaola: Air cured Beef. Not chicken.

About our Specials

When we introduced the Deli, we created a fresh new appetizer called Bresaola and Arugula Salad. Bresaola is used often in Italy, and is known for its mild taste and low fat content; it is the leanest cold cut you can find. It is also one of the only bovine cold cuts.
We slice it thin, squeeze fresh lemon and drizzle olive oil, which brings out the flavors, and then we top it with fresh arugula, more lemon and olive oil, shaved Grana Padano cheese, and fresh baby tomatoes.
Some of our Southern Italian friends mistake this dish for "Braciole" which is known as a stuffed beef roll. We just wanted to make sure you know all about our Bresaola dish, in order to enjoy it for what it is! 

Fall is here!

This seasons specials are a family favorite. We just love the heart warming dishes that remind us that the cool crisp air has set in. Our light and creamy Butternut Bisque has been a popular favorite in the dining room, and from the cold case. Another all time favorite available year round are the delicate and slightly sweet Butternut Ravioli with a Butter/Wine Sage sauce. And if that wasn't enough Squash for you, don't miss that same Sage Sauce, jazzed up with our Pumpkin, Butternut, and Sweet Potato ravioli, tossed with sauteed diced Butternut Squash, cranberries, and onions. It's sweet, it's savory, it's everything that reminds you of fall. 
Another year round favorite, and permanent special due to it's popularity is the Veal Marsala. Hearty real veal medallions sit on a bed of ziti pasta, with mushrooms, carrots, and our signature Marsala sauce. Our vegetarian friends tell us they just love our Beet Ravioli alla Fiorentina. Healthy Beets are paired perfectly with Goat Cheese and Caramalized Onions in these ravioli, alongside our lightly sauteed spinach in a garlic, butter, and wine sauce. 

I saved the best for last-I could eat this dish every other day if I could. This is not a dish for the faint of heart. When I first tried this dish, I was smiling the whole way through, savoring every bite. We took our Potato Gnocchi, and delicately tossed them with our creamy gorgonzola sauce (which isn't TOO gorgonzola-y) and added fresh arugula for bite, and the Italian Cured pork belly cold cut, Speck, for salt and flavor. It is truly a match made in heaven; and the perfect warm Fall meal to fill your belly.